Ngome Camp Serengeti

Ngome Camp is found in Serengeti’s north western area just a number of minutes drive from Ikoma entry gate into Serengeti National Park. The camp is found within a wide wilderness that is greatly swarmed with numerous wild animals. All through the migration season, the large herds of wildebeests and zebras move through this camp. At the bottom of the small hill are a number of worn away rock formations that appear like large dragons teeth.

The name ‘Ngome’ comes from a local Ikoma word that means Fort. back in the 19th century when the native tribes were mauled by marauding Maasai warriors focused on stealing cattle – a terrible practice that they up to date enjoy; so  the Ikoma people constructed a sanctuary amongst these rocks to safeguard themselves.

The camp can arrange Walks, game drives at night at an extra cost, cultural tours to Robanda a nearby local village so as to have a personal experience of the lifestyle of the native Ikoma people.

The gate into Serengeti National Park can be reached in only a10 minute drive. On the other side is the large fresh water lake – Lake Victoria that is only a two and a half hours away by road.

The camp, Lighting is done traditionally using kerosene lamps.

In total the camp offers 5 large tents each with a private bathroom. The camps has a common thatched tent with a well stocked bar plus a dining area.

How to reach Ngome Safari Camp

Ngome Safari Camp can be access either by road or air.

By Road: you can reach Ngome by road all year round from Arusha or from Lake Victoria. it is an 8 hours drive from Arusha and four hours drive from Mwanza. When coming from Musoma it is only 2 hours drive while from the border with Kenya it will take you approximately 3 hours by road.

By Air: each day, there are two flights (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon) departing from Arusha up to Seronera airstrip within the Serengeti. From the Seronera airstrip, it is one hour drive to the safari camp.

Accommodation at Ngome Safari Camp

Ngome Safari Camp is comprised of ten rural tented units each having comprehensive inside bathroom facilities plus a private verandah. The overall design of each of these tents is quite basic comprising of simple canvas with local materials acquired from the nearby area. since the camp is immediately after the true  border of the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park, there is no better way to personally explore the wide Serengeti plain and experience the beautiful  sun than beneath your locally roof thatched safari tent.

Food and wine at Ngome Safari Camp

This camp provides nice food plus service at a moderate price. At While at Ngome Safari Camp, your stay at will be complemented by the scrumptious basic healthy menus that is prepared to satisfy your every taste. They normally offer three meals a day that include breakfast, lunch and dinner all served under an open but grass thatched dining area.

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