Serengeti Attractions

Serengeti National Park offers the best place to enjoy Game drives, walking safaris, hot air balloon safaris, birding and bush dinning. Watching the Great Migration is the main highlight; not leaving out the beautiful rolling plains with amazing vegetation types and wildlife, different bird species and the stunning lakes and Rivers in the park. In addition you can always visit other attractions near Serengeti such as the Ngorongoro Crater, Maasai-Mara in Southern Kenya, Lake Natron, Doinyo Lengai Volcano and the Olduvai Gorge.The Serengeti is definitely well known a National Park and the most commonly identified safari destination in Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is a large one with such an astonishing countryside but most importantly, the extraordinary sightings of the animal herds during your safari in Tanzania.

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The immense plains that stretch across Tanzania between the Kenyan boarder and the commuter shades of Lake Victoria make up the Serengeti National park that is sized 14,763 square kilometers. An estimation of about over 3 million animals describes the bountifulness of the wildlife in terms of numbers.

The Serengeti altitude

Within the Serengeti National Park is an active volcano that makes it a place of wonders to visit. The Serengeti altitude lies between 920m to 1850m and is not actually as flat as many Tanzania safari travellers assume of it. One is able to discover the most striking animals cached in valleys or on top of the spectacular rock formations in the Serengeti within the alternating levels of altitude.

The migration of the wildebeest

This is a popular event particularly within the Serengeti and a famous time to visit Tanzania. Around May or June, the annual wildebeest migration usually crosses over Tanzania in search for water and food as the season keeps on changing. It is such a fascinating sight to catch and many travellers who visit the Serengeti use this as a reference point for visiting during this period. Envisage one being able to witness over 2 million wildebeests crossing over the impressive beauty of the Serengeti. In this National Park of Tanzania, Nature is definitely unveiled.

Witnessing this Great Migration is almost everyone’s dream; that is why different people travel from all over the world to visit Serengeti. It is the world’s biggest migration of wildlife where over 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles and around 200,000 Zebras join over a million wildebeests as they trek more grazing land.

During months January and February they can be watched calving and from June to September is the best time for viewing the wildebeests cross Grumeti River; this is also the best time for overall game viewing. Animals spotted include; rhinos, crocodiles, lions, elephants, giraffes, topis, eland, buffaloes leopards, impalas, cheetahs among others as well as an array of different bird species.

The Masaai fierce warriors are another interesting attribute that is historically known about the Serengeti National Park. These lived with and besides these spectacular animals in East Africa.” Endless plains” defines the word Serengeti from which the park attains its name and it is from Masaai language: Maa in particular.

Large Antelopes and birds

Other than the wildebeest, the Serengeti National Park is habitat to many other large antelopes like, eland, klipspringer, impala, zebras, dik dik as well as other types of buck. Enjoy looking at the giraffes, rhinos, leopards, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, lions, warthogs, mongoose, bateared foxes, baboons, jackles, porcupines, crocodiles and different types of monkeys. Almost 500 different types of birds also reside within the Serengeti National Park, for example flamingoes, ostriches, vultures, martial and fish eagles as well as storks.

Serengeti National Park is a must safari destination in Tanzania, with chances to view the wildebeest migrate, as well as spend time in the charm of nature at this place.

Seronera River Valley

This is located just in central region of Serengeti and brings you the natural bit of Serengeti at its best. This is so because the whole valley brims with a variety of Fauna and Flora this makes this area so unique. In fact there is a possibility of you choosing to stay in the Valley for a while and I promise you, you can never run out of attractions to explore or activities to do. There are different predators such as cheetahs, lions, leopards and hyenas which are always attracted by abundant prey such as wildebeest, gazelles, zebras and other animals like elephants and buffaloes.


The Olduvai Gorge

Also known as Oldupai Gorge, located in the middle of Serengeti and Ngorongoro; it is approximately a 300 mile long gorge and famously known as a place where the oldest human fossils of over 2million were discovered. The area’s history is interesting and also you get to walk through the same paths the ancient ancestors used.

While here, you will also be able to visit the Oldupai Museum which was established by Dr. Mary Leakey, who also discovered the fossils. Definitely visiting Olduvai will be like your best stop especially when you are coming from Serengeti to Ngorongoro. It is a great experience!


The Maasai Culture

Visiting Serengeti without a visit to any of the Maasai villages is counted as incomplete because this culture is the last thing you would think of missing out on. The Maasai are a group of nomadic people that live in Tanzania and Kenya; they are also cattle keepers. Visiting them would introduced you to the way they live on a daily basis, their customs, beliefs, traditions, dances, education, how they graze animals and many more things. They are very welcoming but still be advised especially when you want to take photos ask for permission. If your interest is getting to know them in depth contact your travel agent or a local NGO to guide you on this.


Air safari

This is one of the luxurious activities and most stunning in the park which gives you the chance to view the Serengeti plains on a larger scale together with the beautiful birds in the air. You can choose to book and take a ride on a hot air balloon either the basic one or the luxurious. There are more adventurous air safaris where by you can book a charter plane to take you around.  Truth is whichever way you use you will surely love the wonderful Serengeti landscapes.


The Grumeti River

This River is found in the west of the park and an integral region where you can watch the wildebeest migration can be observed. This area is also home to many crocodiles, so those that are adventurous would enjoy watching crocodiles get their prey especially as the wildebeests cross the river. Those with a weak heart should keep away from this area especially that period of the Annual Migration. Apart from that the area itself is so splendid, beautiful and lush!

In conclusion,

the Serengeti surely has a lot to offer, a few mentioned above though still you can also visit the Moru Kopjes, the Bologonja Springs, the Retina Hippo Pool (harbors over 200 hippos). Also there are no worries of where to stay in Serengeti since accommodation facilities range from you staying in a basic tent to a luxurious lodge.

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