Kilima Valley Serengeti Tented Lodge

Kilima Valley is located in the north central area, so staying at this luxury camp offers easy access for a fly-in safari, or any other safari within the northern part of Serengeti.  Irrespective of whether it’s one night or a longer stay, you are definitely welcome at Kilima Valley Serengeti Tented Camp all year round.

Nicely positioned at the bottom of Kilima Peak with countless views of Serengeti that can be enjoyed on your private verandah, Kilima Valley deluxe camp offers the closest opportunity to experience the landscape as well as wildlife in Serengeti.

The Serengeti area includes Serengeti National Park itself, the huge Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ikorongo Controlled Areas, Grumeti conservation Area, Maswa Game Reserve, the Loliondo Conservation Areas as well as the Maasai Mara National Reserve found in Kenya. Factually there are approximately 90,000 tourists that visit this area annually.

Within this 30,000 sq km area, 2 World Heritage Sites plus 2 Biosphere Reserves have been internationally declared. It is an exceptional ecosystem that has motivated writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Peter Mattheissen, a number of filmmakers including Hugo von Lawick together with Alan Root in addition to a number of photographers plus scientists

This Serengeti ecosystem is among the most ancient on the planet. The fundamental features of fauna, climate plus vegetation have hardly changed over the past million years. In fact Early man himself also lived in the Olduvai Gorge approximately 2 million ago. A number of patterns of life, adaptation and death plus migration are as aged as the hills are.

The annual wildebeest migration is the most thrilling wildlife spectacle in the entire Serengeti area. More than a million wildebeests and approximately 200,000 zebras enter into the southern part of the plains coming from the northern hills in October & November for the short rains, and then proceed west and northwards following the April, May and June long rains. The historical behavioral instinct to keep moving is really strong that no crocodile swarmed river, drought or even gorge holds them back.

The Wildebeests move through a number of parks, protected areas plus reserves. Stay with us and have an opportunity to explore the different forms of vegetation and landscapes of the Serengeti ecosystem


This entirely green camp operates on high power solar grids and there are also large solar powered water heaters used to heat the hot water supplied in the bathrooms. There is a large lounge tent in which guests can unwind as they enjoy an evening cocktail at the end of the day’s adventure, or they may opt to explore the beautiful area surrounding the camp through the various pathways.

Kilima Valley Serengeti Tented Lodge offers 10 tents that can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests camp to ensure that each of their guests is given maximum attention throughout their stay.

Facilities offered in each of the tents include:

Oversized pillow on the beds (either two singles or a king bed)

a warm comfortable duvet with matching Decorative pillows

Leather chair plus 2 leather stools

2 veranda chairs plus a coffee table

Wireless internet

Bottled water

Bathroom area with Flush toilets and showers supplied with hot & cold water

Protective netting

Electronic charger facilities in the rooms accepting UK or Europe electrical plugs

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