Serengeti Wildlife to Get Freshwater From Lake Victoria

In an effort to enhance access to water for the wildlife, the Tanzania government intends to link Serengeti National Park – SENAPA with Lake Victoria through including Ghuba Speke Game controlled area in the park.

This step will permit wildlife inside the park, such as wildebeests to begin drinking water in the big Lake Victoria with very little interference from human being activities. The Ghuba Speke Game Controlled Area in Bunda District, within the Mara Region. It’s populated by hundreds of native families residing in 3 villages of Tamau, Serengeti as well as Nyatwari.

This plan as well aims to get rid of poaching as well as unlawful fishing within the region. Conversely, making the wildlife controlled area section of SENAPA is predicted to open additional investment opportunities within tourism areas, therefore assist to accelerate economic development within Bunda District and the entire region.

Section of the broad government report which was presented in the Mara Regional Consultative Committee – RCC session that sat at the start of this month in Musoma reads that an additional advantage is that the project will raise job opportunities as well as the income of the people living in Bunda District Council plus the country in general

It was the most recent regional RCC session held to talk about just a single agenda of turning the wildlife controlled section of SENAPA. The well attended RCC informed that this decision to link the second biggest national park in the country with Lake Victoria is an instruction offered by President Jakaya Kikwete back in 2006 as he visited the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

RCC is extremely ranking decision making at regional level. The session was among the steps needed to put into action the President’s directive. in addition, The report shows that the move will as well open nice markets of merchandise like fruits plus vegetables produced by the residents of Bunda .

Another part of the report reveals that the villages around Ghuba Speke Game Controlled Area will have a chance to begin cultural tourism since this will increase their income

Officials in the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism along with other conservation stakeholders view the plan as crucial in having a whole Serengeti-Maasai Mara Ecosystem.

This gives wildlife freedom to take pleasure from drinking water in the world’s second large water body. The Wildlife plus the environment will be perfectly preserved because of separation of conservation plus human activities. Wildlife will acquire a permanent water source, therefore a complete Serengeti-Maasai Mara ecology complex.

This in accordance with the report will enhance sustainable fishing within the region. Mr Evarist Ndikilo the Mara Acting Regional Commissioner emphasized the significance of making this game controlled area that covers an area of 129 sq km part of Serengeti National Park Area. Mr. Ndikilo cautioned that the government can’t let this agenda be reviewed by everyone since doing this could create distortion plus confusion.

Mr. Ndikilo who is as well the Regional Commissioner for the nearby Mwanza Region said as he was officially opening the Regional Consultative Committee session that this is a delicate issue to the economy of the folks residing in the 3 villages. And because of that they can’t leave it to be reviewed by each forum. The RCC is the appropriate place to talk about it.

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