Elephants kill peasant inside Serengeti Eco-system

The dead person was identified as Marwa Wangwe, a resident from Nyichoka village that is located many kilometers from the park boundaries of Serengeti National Park as well as the Ikorongo or Grumeti game reserves.

Mr. Jumanne Kwiro the Vice Chairman of the Serengeti District Council informed us over the past weekend that the elephants attacked the departed as he was busy working on his farmland at this village together with his wife. The deceased was buried yesterday.

Serengeti-ElephantsHe went on to say that the number as well as incidences of such stray elephants penetrating villages within the Serengeti district is worrying, asking for speedy assistance from the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism.

Mr Kwiro, who is as well the councilor of Natta-ward, in which the elephants have likewise caused a lot of panic plus massive destruction of the local residents’ farms said that the People are concerned and a number of production activities have come to a standstill due to the fact that elephants are commonly seen nearly everywhere

Officials in Serengeti claim that the district has approximately Twenty seven villages having several hundreds of resident families vulnerable to rampaging elephants coming from the Serengeti National Park and the nearby game reserves. It’s approximated that more than over 75 % of land making up Serengeti District is covered by wildlife protected areas, among which is the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park

Mr John Ng’oina the chairman of Serengeti District Council said that the most recent killing which was caused by the elephants is just part of unrelenting danger caused by the different wild animals to the residents of this area.

The head of the council said when asked to comment that there is still danger and the death of Mzee Marwa in Nyichoka village is simply an example.

Also some reports reveal that the elephants have from time to time been scaring children going to school especially those in the public schools found close or inside the Serengeti Eco-system.

Having more than 2000 elephants residing within Serengeti National Park, visitors that travel to this area are guaranteed to see them during the safari.

If lucky you will be able to see elephant families of as many as 30 individuals, playing or swimming in the mud close to the waterholes, squirting dust each other’s back so as to cool themselves, while others will be grazing silently and pulling down trees. The African Elephant is the biggest mammal on land and there isn’t any way you won’t be fascinated by their size once you get near them. Poaching within the Serengeti over the last twenty years has been put under control, therefore the number of elephants has steadily been rising, and you will even be able to see several babies in the month of June 2010. Occasionally you will be able to observe their behavior, since at times they may be irritated in case you move really close, provided that you remain silent in your vehicle.

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