Suyan Camp

Suyan Camp / Piaya Mobile Camp

Suyan Camp also known as Piaya Mobile Camp is a nice mobile tented camp located in the Loliondo area within the Serengeti eco-system in the northern part of Tanzania. The Serengeti eco-system is really larger than Serengeti National Park itself and consists of wildlife conservation areas neighboring the National Park. The wide Loliondo Game conservation Area, neighboring the Serengeti to the eastern side, is renowned for its traditional Maasai culture, magnificent splendor and various species of animals.


Far away from the madding crowd, the Suyan Camp features just six guest tents, provides exquisite food, nice wines, plus all the comforts you can ever expect to have. Yet staying here is not about high-class, but about discovery, search and nature in its mind-boggling wilderness.


For centuries, the rocky Loliondo area has been a place of nomadic tribes that hunt and herd for a living. Staying in the loving Suyan Camp reflects historical past of the territory. Even though the camp is the base to stay in this area, walking safaris together with fly camping will offer you a deeper exploration into this wild ancient land. Here you can see wildlife, Maasai settlements, mountains, volcanoes and gorges, plus the tranquility and harmony   of endless nature.

Suyan Camp provides a range of safari activities that are a dream come true to anyone interested in discovering Africa. Explore this land on foot during our thrilling walking safari directed by an experienced naturalist guide. Incorporate walking together with fly camping and head out for a multiple day trek to discover distant areas that only a couple of tourists have actually ever visited. Set out at night on game drives to see animals which hide throughout the day. Visit distant Maasai settlements to learn more about their unique fascinating culture. Enjoy breakfast or even lunch looking over the endless plains or dine beneath the countless stars. Bring your camera along to capture even the finest shots of the amazing wildlife and gifts of Mother Nature here.

Combining Suyan Camp with Olakira Camp or even Sayari Camp brings an unmatched depth to a true African safari in the bigger Serengeti area.

Please note that Suyan Camp only operates from mid December up to the end of the month of March every year.

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