Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Serengeti Sopa Lodge is a mid-range lodge built in ‘hotel fashion’ in the southwestern section of Central Serengeti.  In 1992, the Lodge was opened and it is found in the Niariboro hills offering breathtaking views, sizeable rooms, nicely fitted facilities and remarkable wildlife viewing towards the finish of April, May, start of June as well as November when the large herd of the migrating animals such as wildebeests plus zebras are in this area. Serengeti Sopa Lodge also provides direct access to the main game circuits in Central Serengeti and Seronera. In particular, Seronera River Valley has a diversity of various resident animals like the big carnivores, which are worth seeing annually.


Serengeti Sopa Lodge is the only lodge inside Serengeti featuring quad rooms having 2 queen-size beds well suited for a family of four people together with 2 children. All of the other lodges inside Serengeti offer either double or triple rooms meaning they cannot accommodate a complete family of four people in a single room.


From the finish of April to the start of June, the northward migration goes through the spectacular valley found in front of Serengeti Sopa Lodge because the great herds follow River Mbalageti to the Western Corridor of Serengeti National Park. In the month of November, this Lodge is a far better location for witnessing the southward annual migration. In conclusion, Serengeti Sopa Lodge is highly recommended at the end of April, May, November and beginning of June.




Serengeti Sopa Lodge is located in the southwestern section of Central Serengeti.  it is 13.9 miles or 45 minutes drive southwest of the Seronera Airstrip. This Airstrip is located almost in the center of the Seronera River Valley. Sopa Lodge is appropriately located to simply access the game loops in the Seronera River Valley. it lies at the border of the woodland with the border of the plains.



You’ll likely reach the nearby Seronera Air Strip by a charter flight from Arusha, and then drive to the lodge. It is roughly 2 hours drive from Western or Northern Serengeti to Sopa Lodge . and then It is roughly one and a half hours drive to Naabi Hill park gate found in the southeast .




Serengeti Sopa Lodge features 79 inviting spacious rooms in two story stone-blocks. These rooms offer excellent views of the surrounding savannah. The Pieces of furniture are all basic and modest. All the rooms have brass lamps, two cozy queen-sized beds plus a writing desk. Furthermore there is an independent sitting room. The inside bathrooms are spacious and comprise of a shower, tub, washbasin plus hairdryer.


The main common areas are roomy while the reception and dining place are made in lavish Sopa-style and possess large windows running from the floor to the ceiling that overlook the encompassing surroundings. The dining area, on the Second floor, offers very amazing views. Both are well embellished with varied sculptures, wooden carvings as well as artifacts.

Food and Drink

The food at Serengeti Sopa Lodge is nice. The meals are presented as buffet inside the roomy dining room. Breakfast includes a selection of items the most suitable decision for lunch is taking a picnic lunch box during safari in the Simba Kopjes which are found roughly 30 minutes drive east from the lodge. The lodge offers a worldwide styled menu for Dinner. Additionally there are various cocktails, beers plus wines offered at an additional cost.



Private game drives

Walks around the Retina Hippo Pool

Balloon safaris at extra charge

Picnic lunch boxes

Full game drives to the lovely GOL Kopjes

See the Maasai Rock paintings and ascend the ‘Gong’ rock found inside the Moru Kopjes

Relax in the Swimming pool

Night time entertainment including traditional dances and songs

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