Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Lobo Wildlife Lodge is the best of all Wildlife attached lodges within Tanzania.  actually this Lodge might be much less pricey when compared to some other lodges found in Northern Serengeti, (such as Migration Camp and also Kleins Camp), yet it’s located in the very best spot to view wildlife within Northern Serengeti.  The Lobo River Valley is the greatest considered area for viewing wildlife inside Northern Serengeti. Even though the Lobo Valley isn’t as natural and even wild as the different areas, it hosts the greatest population of  resident wild animals in the entire Northern Serengeti for example buffaloes, lions, giraffes, elephants, impalas, leopards as well as cheetahs. Lobo Wildlife Lodge is highly recommended for those on a simple budget but interested in viewing wildlife.

 Lobo Wildlife Lodge

is highly recommended during the dry season from early July to mid-November because then the game viewing is fantastic within the surrounding areas. You can actually see the northward migration in July and the southward migration in October.

The scenery around the Lodge is very magnificent; it actually greatly varies from the broad Serengeti plains in the far south. The landscape is characterized by gentle hills, acacia trees and massive granite outcrops.

Location of Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Lobo Wildlife Lodge is found on the eastern far-end of Northern Serengeti. it is located in the heart of Lobo River Valley, and it is actually home to a large quantity of resident wildlife. Neighboring the lodge is the border with Kenya and Masai Mara National Park just 25 miles north.

Accessing Lobo Wildlife Lodge

This lodge can be arrived at using charter flights and it is normally included on fly-in safaris. You will take a flight from the tourism capital Arusha at Arusha Airstrip and land at Lobo Airstrip. From here you will drive for just a couple of minutes and you will be at the lodge.

 Accommodation at Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Accommodation in Lobo Wildlife Lodge features of 75 rooms. You will find a presidential suite, triples, twins plus doubles. Due of its faraway location this Lodge hardly operates to full capacity. This  offers a more inviting ambience since you don’t get the sensation of a crowded place in comparison  to the larger lodges found in Central Serengeti, that are really busy.

The rooms were constructed at the base of the kopje in unique two-motel design wings each separating away from the reception / dining area. All the wings are 3-tories high. The rooms are small, basic, well furnished, clean and very comfortable. Fortunately most of the rooms offer magnificent views over the Lobo Valley or the area behind the lodge. Also the lodge is commonly visited by Buffaloes usually seen grazing in the expanse below your rooms so you can enjoy some game viewing directly from your room.

The main lodge is more attractive than the rooms; the décor is very unique, the lobby very comfortable, just as the dining area not to mention the pool. As you move across the lodge you will see baboons, agama lizards as well as hyrax’s playing on the huge kopjes that decorate the main lodge.

Food and Drink at Lobo Wildlife Lodge

The Meals offered at Lobo Wildlife Lodge are very amazingly nice. They are presented as a buffet or as fixed course depending on the number of available guests.

Also they can prepare Picnic Breakfast boxes can be prepared for those leaving for early morning game drives or you could enjoy breakfast on the outside terrace. Similarly there is an option of taking a lunch box if you are having game drives throughout the entire day. Dinner is outstandingly amazing and it is presented as a four course meal.

You will enjoy a great variety of soft drinks, spirits and wines as well beers available at an additional cost.

Activities at Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Full day game drives River Mara, Exclusive game drives, Sundowners, Game viewing right the lodge and Picnic lunches

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