Nduara Loliondo Camp

Loliondo Safari Camp is a great blend of wild animals plus the exciting nomadic cultures as well as the technologies. Situated outside the Serengeti, in Piyaya within southern Loliondo, or within


in northern Loliondo, the

Loliondo Safari Camp

shifts every 6 months, and although, evidently, it goes after the migration, it’s interested in the nature of motion since it is nature itself. For visitors, it is a unique chance to find out about – and have interactions with people whose life is greatly influenced by the weather.

Nduara Loliondo Camp is made up of

Eight Mongolian yurts

, 2 of which comprise the mess tents having the dining plus lounge area. These shared places are amazing. The tents are circular, and impressive for their covering netted sides, for the open-wheels (initially chimney holes) which mark the middle of their roofs, with a very beautiful interior design. The dining tent features a reasonably classic layout, however the chairs plus tables are blanketed with skins plus fabrics obtained from the traditional nomadics, the floor is a firmly woven dash mat, and each night the


are lit by lamps plus candles. The meals offered at

Nduara Loliondo Camp

include a local and international menu of freshly prepared dishes delicately done by an expert chef. All Dietary specifications are catered for.

Comfort and mixing a bohemian-like fondness for mixed designs with a focus on tight, inconspicuous service, the spacious lounge is split into a bar, a library a playing area, as well as a place to sit, unwind and chat with other guests.  The ambiance of the lounge extends outdoors. There are director chairs, weighty low tables plus a fireplace, this large verandah matches very well with the beautiful surrounding.

The inside sleeping yurts are similarly gorgeous. Staggered, well spread out and entirely private, each has huge double bed, a seating area, a leather covered writing desk, side tables, as well as a changing area. The private bathroom has a short-drop toilet, a bucket shower, a basin plus water jugs. The combined style; ancient artefacts, Swahili weaves plus


coloring works pretty well.

The camp remains in the same place and doesn’t shift when guests are around. all guests are provided with private safari vehicles driven by a driver-guide during the game drives. The personal interests of each guest influence the pace of the daily activities. Among the day to day adventure activities to enjoy include game drives, sundowners, guided walks plus bush picnics.


Nduara Loliondo has six very comfy yurts. There’s a dining yurt plus a standalone library. Every lodging yurt has its private inside bathroom linked to the rare end of the main bedroom with classic

safari bucket showers

as well as eco- flush toilets. Each yurt has been set to be as cool as it can be throughout the day, and has a wrap-around shade window covered with a net and flaps which can be rolled down or up. There is additionally a classic open ‘wheel’ in the middle of the roof however, there is a canvas cover which covers the wheel during the night, or in terrible weather.

Activities & Wildlife

Residing in Nomad conservation areas, you are also assisting to protect important areas neighboring the park, and assisting tribes living within the wild. Although an entire day from daybreak to sunset can be spent on thrilling adventures in your private

4WD vehicle

with a


, the tiny roaming camps are sociable since they are shared and the guests have an opportunity to experience traditional bush layout. Walking safaris as well as cultural interaction with the native Maasai are a true highlight at this Nduara Loliondo.

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