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Kampi Kampi Serengeti is a well liked seasonal tented camp, nicely located to observe the Great Annual Wildebeest Migration from June up to October within Northern Serengeti, and then December up to March within the Southern Plains.

The camp looks over the wide Serengeti plains, habitat to very large numbers of wild animals such as the big cats, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles as well as hippos among many others.

Positioned in the isolated parts of Northern & Southern Serengeti, this camp is nicely situated to witness the Annual Wildebeest Migration.

The meals are good healthy and balanced, home cooking, the employees plus management have several  years of experience and all canvas tents have the legitimateness of being located ‘”in the bush’”, while offering all the best facilities required for a very comfortable stay.

The exceptional location plus knowledgeable as well as experience of the safari guides plus staff makes this Kampi Kampi a fantastic safari experience.


Kampi Kampi in northern Serengeti is situated in the Lamai wedge near River Mara, and will be operating from July up to the finish of October.

The Lamai Wedge is found north of River Mara  on Tanzania’s side nestled between the western area of the River Mara  and the Kenyan border, taking pleasure in breathtaking views of the encompassing landscape, just a couple of miles from the  point where the wildebeests cross River Mara .

This is a region of gentle rising and falling plains slashed by a number of streams and this is as well where you might manage to find all the adventure activities; it’s here that the wildebeests come, once the southern plains are too dry.

Kampi Kampi in southern Serengeti will move once the wildebeest migration large herds are within the southern plus central part of Serengeti. the camp is operational from December up to March.

Southwestern Serengeti is among the finest areas for seeing the migration throughout the green season starting in December up to May, when the large herds must be spread out all over the plains as the millions of wildebeests begin to calve.


This is a tiny eco-friendly tented camp offering a legitimately private, conventional safari experience with customized service catering for just 12 guests at any given time.

This camp is tiny and personal comprising of Six spacious canvas accommodations. Designed in the classic mobile-tented camp style, this camp is furnished in a relaxed manner  with a wardrobe, beds (double or twin), a changing area, a storage chest, writing desk plus safari chairs.

Having an inside bathroom with private eco-friendly conventional safari bucket shower and a flush toilet. Every tent features its own private veranda plus a large seating area presenting magnificent views.

In the middle of the camp are 2 huge communal tents with  a dining tent and the other is a lounge Tent in which you can enjoy drinks available at the bar. all the meals are served in The creatively appointed dining tent and next to to this is a comfy lounge plus bar serving as a gathering place for all the guests, this is as well where you will find the library.


The distant placements of Kampi Kampi Serengeti provide an uninterrupted wild animal viewing, the spectacular River Mara crossings plus endless terrain views.

Guests at Kampi Kampi can enjoy game drives early in the morning or in the afternoon in the Serengeti. Throughout the migration season visitors will have a chance to go for an entire day game drive, taking along a picnic lunch box, to have an opportunity to see thousands and thousands of wildebeests plus zebras crossing River Mara.

All game drives are carried out in the open 4WD safari vehicle, guided by an expert, devoted safari guide who has experience on movements of wild animals and other ecological facets of the area.

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