&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas

Experience a timeless Tanzanian safari in magnificent privacy and enjoyable comfort – with merely the canvas walls of the tent separating the guests from the wondrous wonder of Serengeti.

This &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas luxurious tented camp  moves around the Park throughout the year, bringing guests nearer to the Great Migration and even explore the remote, stunning corners of Serengeti with superb game viewing. staying in the private campsites, these moveable camps are completely seductive and private, offering the  largest safari tents in the whole of Tanzania, each having a double bed, in side bathroom, a separate toilet plus a bucket shower. This classic safari fashion, tailor-made Indian rugs, clean linens, polished brass as well as sparkling crystal that flair the simplicity of this campsite.

Well planned based on the forecasted movements of the Annual Migration, this camp attempt to bring guests to a comfortable close distance of this herds. Nevertheless, the wildebeest herd moves following the rains that occur at a distinctive time every year, therefore it isn’t always easy to correctly predict where the animals are going to be. Our professional guides always endeavor to place the guests in the middle of the numerous wildebeests nevertheless, in case they don’t show up when expected, the outstanding knowledge of the guides about the great number of resident animals will ensure a rich game viewing experience.



Genuine back to nature experience without a thing between the guests and the stunning surrounding terrain

The romantic experience as you spend night beneath canvas merged with the amazing simple luxury

Why visit &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas?

Located within the leading wildlife area of Tanzania inside Serengeti National Park

Unspoilt views of the vast plains of the Serengeti filled with several species of wild animals


Mobile Camps

Well planned to take guests as near as is possible to the wonderful natural spectacle of the Annual Great Migration, the 2 &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas camps are found at different private campsites across the national park and these  are moved in line with the path of the large migratory herds. Guest will have a very comfy drive into the midst of the matching multitude of wildebeests plus zebras, as they witness this amazing natural drama of millions of animals match past them.

Simple Luxury

The sole splendor of the vast Serengeti is balanced out by the outstanding service simplicity as well as luxury of their comfortable tented lodging. As soon as you wake up to the sound of the morning echoes of this wilderness and set foot into the outside bucket shower supplied with hot and cold water, your day’s adventure has started. Clean linens plus crystal light fixtures in your large tent offer a setting of great luxury.

Romance of Canvas

A passionate sitting plus dining tent offers deep sofas in which you can contemplate about the vastness and serenity of the encompassing landscape. The Tailor-made Indian rugs together with the polished brass samovars convey an elegant feeling and romance. Loosen up under the dark velvety night sky as you sample delicious cuisine served from our kitchen on glimmering crystal plus silver that best reflect the sparkling light from the millions stars shining from above.


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