TTB attempts to make sure tourism hits international Standards

There isn’t any one who can travel or even move from one nation to another without having a visa or even a passport. The tale is different with regards to animals.

Wildebeests plus Zebras are the sole animals that offer Serengeti National Park a distinctive description for tourists’ attraction on the planet. over one million wildebeests plus Zebras move from Tanzania crossing River Masai Mara and entering into Kenya each year, the incident which takes them as many as 5 months. This is actually the time when the area is experiencing no rainfall and their grazing land becomes dry, therefore they migrate looking for greener pastures.

Therefore, being the sole national park with this kind of incident to take place on the planet, have several animals and also the second largest park on the African continent – Serengeti continues to be the number one most appealing attraction for tourists.

The Tanzania Tourists Body – TTB Principal Public Relations Officer Geofrey Tengeneza, informed reporter during an exclusive interview in the capital Dar es Salaam not too long ago that their major responsibility is to promote all the tourist attractions which could be discovered across the nation to global markets.

Working together with other bodies like Tanzania Tourism Confederation – TTC, the TAnzania Tourism Body came up with international marketing techniques to make sure that tourism gets to international level. Among the strategies is to put together trips for various foreign stakeholders in the tourism industry such as journalists so that they can personally experience whatever is happening within Tanzania.

Tengeneza said that they not too long ago invited Five journalists from UEA and Nine journalists coming from South Africa for a trip that will last three days, for the same reason for publicity.

With fulfillment and amazement the majority of them revealed that it was their very first time to view lions live. We all know in case we win them, it is simpler to make the effect in their nations.

Similarly, he explained they are at the moment getting ready for a domestic tourism technique since there won’t be any sense to priotize global market as the local one is vulnerable.

Describing what TTB has accomplished over the, Tengeneza mentioned that tourism is the second industry that offers the government the most revenue.

Over the last ten years, the sector has been developing gradually and each year the volume of tourists surpass that of the year before, apart from 2009 and 2000.

In 2008, the volume of tourists that visited Tanzania reached 770,376 and earned the government a sum of USD 1.29 million, then in 2010, 782,699 tourists visited Tanzania and earned a sum of USD 1.25 million, in 2011 867, 994 tourists who earned the country USD 1.35Wildebeest-Migration million.

Solely in 2012 there was a 24% increase where the volume of tourists hit 1,077,055 which was the highest figure ever recorded in the entire country and in total the government earned USD1.7 million.

Nevertheless, between 2000 and 2009, it wasn’t a great season in the tourism industry because of significant terrorism attacks which took place in the East African region and internationally respectively.

Tengeneza mentioned that the continued terrorism attacks taking place in adjoining East African nations, such as Kenya and the DR Congo could cause an adverse impact on the tourism sector in the nation since Forty to fifty percent of the tourists that arrive in Tanzania go through Kenya, therefore in case terrorism persists it could pull the industry down.

He revealed that when this kind of similar amazing incident took place in the late 1990s that involved bombing the US Embassy found in Dar es Salaam as well as Nairobi, the tourism industry suffered so much since several tourists cancelled their trip due to fear of their security.

The Westgate attacks plus other invasions related to the al-shabaab are the major obstacles to the tourism sector within the region currently. Since we all find each other in this region of the continent, people from other continents consider us as a united people.

Tengeneza went on to say that competition within the Regional is an additional challenge being faced by TTB. Kenya is pointed out to be with a very powerful tourism record due to its properly run and established Kenya airways that performs better in the global market, which is exactly why the majority of tourists go through Kenya to arrive in Tanzania.

He went on to say that in case the government could set aside a satisfactory budget, for other investment plus promotions the overall performance would turn out much better than the present one. Likewise, he added that South Africa plus Egypt are as well doing better in line with the stronger economy that their countries have got on the African continent.

Lazaro Nyalandu the Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism not too long ago launched the Swahili international tourism expo at the Serena Hotel for the exact purpose of merging various tourists from each part on the planet in the month of October annually, where TTB is going to be among the coordinators.

Tengeneza added that this is going to be the greatest expo in the whole of Tanzania as well as the second biggest on the African continent following the Indaba exhibition by South Africa so far the biggest.

The world has had various views on the tourism sector however the majority of the highlights how this industry may impact the local people particularly in developing nations.

The tourism concerned organization has revealed that the slum tours being sold these days are an option to traditional tourism rather a more practical way of experiencing a nation – getting in contact with actual people as well as the local culture.

Around 40,000 tourists pay a visit to travelers found in Rio de Janeiro annually while approximately 300,000 go to the townships of Cape Town.

Tours are as well extensive in Mexico, India plus Kenya plus several other nations within developing world.

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