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serengeti-migrationThe Maasai men or women, who for several centuries have grazed their cows in the wide Serengeti plains refer to this area as the Siringitu, “a area where the land moves forever”. Even so, the Serengeti is mainly famous for the remarkable migration which occurs yearly right after the rain and the presence of pastures.

The wide Serengeti plains that are beyond endless plains of wilderness stretching out to the distant horizon in all directions! This sheer size of these plains serves as habitat to some of the biggest numbers of undomesticated animals on the entire planet. Crucial that you should know is that this National game park is among the most notable National parks in the whole of Tanzania and is frequently visited by a large number of tourists coming from different continents across the globe.

The Yearly Wildebeest Migration:

Yearly, the short rains in the month of November within the Serengeti mark the beginning of one of the most magnificent wildlife specs on the planet. More than 2 million hooves of animals match forming a cloud of dust while they move across the wide Serengeti plains searching for fresh grass.

about 2 million wildebeests together thousands of gazelles plus zebras go on a yearly route in a long column that raises dust which columns could extend to about Forty kilometers long and this is remarkable occurrence is what is internationally referred to as the ‘Annual Wildebeest Migration’, that is among the very best displays offered by Mother nature.

Worth noting is that it isn’t just the tourists that closely follow this Serengeti yearly Wildebeest Migration; there are numerous predators that purse this large herd very closely considering that there is ample food for them to feed on. Among these predators are: cheetahs, lions, crocodiles, leopards as well as hyenas and these totally make the lengthy trek very dramatic.

Due to the constrained amount plus availability of long lasting water inside the wide Serengeti plains, this migration herd is intently connected to the rainfall patterns. As a result, the migration trails a fairly predictable cycle, even though the exact timing definitely differs from year to year.

The Serengeti provides a range of accommodation facilities designed to match your preference plus budget. You will find wonderfully fashioned lodges which well blend with the encompassing environment, luxurious villas, and mobile tented-camps, in addition to colonial-designed facilities in which you may dwell and enjoy the greatest luxury you wish for.

Some of the Serengeti Highlights you will enjoy in the wide plains include:

Following the breathtaking once-a-year Wildebeest Migration,

Cultural visits to the surrounding Maasai communities,

Spectacular views of some of the big   Predators in the Serengeti; very suitable for photography,

Private plus Exclusive concessions

an hour’s ride in the amazing Hot Air Balloon; this unique Safari offers a better aerial view of the wide Serengeti plains revealing to you the various wild animals,

Safari as well as Beach Holidays, and

It is possible to connect to the Ngorongoro Crater or any other park in northern Tanzania

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Serengeti Attractions

Serengeti National Park offers the best place to enjoy Game drives, walking safaris, hot air balloon safaris, birding and bush dinning. Watching the Great Migration

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Serengeti Safari Companies, Top 10 Tanzania Tour Operators List

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Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Sasakwa lodge is found at the peak of the Sasakwa Hill found within Grumeti Reserve and offers breathtaking views over the large Serengeti plains. This

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

located in the open plains of the Serengeti, Sabora Tented Camp was constructed and designed centered on the 1920s theme and for people that are