Bunda Residents Not Be Kicked Out To Expand Serengeti

Tanzania-localsMr. Stephen Wassira the Minister of State within the President’s Office (for Relations and Co-ordination), has stated that President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete hasn’t ever ordered the residents of Bunda to be kicked out to create way for the expansion of Serengeti National Park – SENAPA.

The minister blasted a written report presented during a special session of the Mara Regional Consultative Committee – RCC session to talk about whether or not to make the Ghuba Speke Game Controlled Area which is found in Bunda District a section of Serengeti National Park.

Mr. Wassira went on to accuse the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism for supposedly shifting the agenda ahead while stating that it is an instruction from Mr. President.

Mr. Wassira informed the well attended RCC session that this isn’t a presidential; this is actually a lie. We shouldn’t make any contradictions and they cannot to offer advice on a directive issued by Mr. President.

In addition, he mentioned that that report has overlooked the interests of the people residing inside the game controlled area. The minister promised not to support this idea, and he was backed by a number of delegates in the RCC

he added that this report in addition has not taken into consideration the lives of the local people living in that area. It is simply on the side of ecology and it’s also not the case that these people residing there are actually poachers. Minister Wassira went on to accuse the Parliamentary Committee on Land, Natural Resources & Environment for not including him in the process of using this area for the purpose of conservation.

The report reveals that Fifty four notable people were actually interviewed on if they should include this region however the minister wasn’t interviewed. This was not fair to Mr. Wassira, who is likewise the Member of Parliament for Bunda. He explained the decision to expand the national park should involve the national parliament.

Mr. Mahmoud Mgimwa the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism while speaking at this very occasion said that Mr. James Lembeli the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Land, Natural Resources & Environment spoke in support of making this game controlled area a section of the internationally renowned park.

Earlier on, Mr. Evarist Ndikilo the Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC) said that the process of making this Wildlife controlled area as a section of the Serengeti National Park wasn’t a new issue.

Who also serves as the Acting RC for the Mara Region said that Mr. Ndikilo added that this is a very sensitive matter in regards to the people residing in this area and to the overall economy of the country.

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